Saturday, September 02, 2006

Serbian media roundup

This is the first in a regular series of fortnightly reports on a subject(s) in the Serbian media.

In conjunction with the OSCE Blic newspaper recently chose a female government - that is a government with every Minister represented by a woman. One woman was selected as Minister by readers every day out of a list of successful women.

Of the better known women Zorica Tomic (writer, lecturer) was chosen as Minister of Culture, Princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic was selected as Minister of the Diaspora, Milka Forcan (PR manager at Delta - Miskovic) as Trade and Tourism Minister. Ivana Dulic-Markovic (prominent because of the recent 'ustasa' jibe) was voted Vice Prime Minister and Ruzica Djindjic (wife of assassinated PM Djindjic, involved in a number of humanitarian and environmental organisations) chosen as Prime Minister.

Initially I was skeptical, although I support the rights of women, in my opinion there would be little difference in the world if women traded places with men in senior positions. That is because sex or gender is much less important than the culture of power and the system in which the human race currently finds itself. Thus, when you read the words of some editor or from some of the women involved that they are 'convinced that the world would be a better place' (if they were to run it) one feels a little dubious.

However, after consideration, I agree that this campaign of promoting the profile of professional women is beneficial to society. Equally there is something to be learnt from all of this in terms of future politics in Serbia. The women who were selected in the most senior roles are here to stay in Serbian politics / public life.
Ruzica Djindjic's vote was particularly impressive, 1689 votes, and the only candidate throughout the series that really made an impact on the public - she received thousands of votes and trounced her competitor for the PM spot, Vesna Pesic.

This confirms my opinion concerning Ruzica Djindjic - that if she wants to (and those who know her say that she will wait for her children to grow up before a final decision) high office is hers for the taking. Other opinion polls have confirmed this. Some months ago senior Radical Party officials decided on a policy of targeting her but when it became clear that she currently has no interest in office the attacks ceased. The implication is clear.


Anonymous La Lara Yahti said...

I am glad you've decided to launch this blog. As for this action, I've heard from four or five different sources how people in different organisations and companies were encouraged (to put it so) to vote for ministries in this action. I was surprised that it became so important. But lobbying, ok, it's anyway integral part of the politics.

4:37 pm  
Blogger Bg anon said...

Yes unfortunately party activist / organisation types always become involved in this type of thing.

Whether its that trashy show Pyramid or Zamka it seems to make no difference.

Interesting because in a way they are only supporting one theory, which remains only a theory - that opinion poll type events INFLUENCE the public to copy that voting behaviour. I'm not completely convinced that is the way it works, resistence might also be increased against the 'winning' candidate as well.

I suspect that Jelisaveta's vote was beefed up a lot. It looks as if she still has political ambitions and even Blic conceeded that they had a number of text messages from the United Kingdom for her. She was centre stage at the photo shoot they had at Blic and on Sunday she gave a two page interview to the paper. Very PR motivated.

But yeah we have to live with this.

Still, I dont have reservations about this of the kind Bilja Srbljanovic has - if I understood correctly she believes it patronises women. In a world of grey its a soft positive.

Thanks for the comment. This blog has gone through a little confusion in its infancy (and it isnt happy with its 'looks') but I believe it has potential.

6:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for gods same when is albania going to learn that no matter what they will never take or own kosovo..its funny how they do it to my country.if it was somewhere else they would not even dare.they dont want to work but the sure as hell want everything for free.Damn stinking rats

8:36 pm  
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