Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An advert published in Serbian newspapers

Interesting little tidbit. This week an advert appeared in the asking candidates to apply for translation jobs. Languages that need translating include 'Montenegrin' and 'Bosniak'.

The advert itself was paid by a Croatian company that didn't feel the need to translate their job description into Serbian either which was a little odd considering the implication that they (Serbian, Croatian, Bosniak) are all different languages. The lucky candidate selected can count on earning about 5 Euros per translated page

Whilst the Serbian media has found the topic rather amusing - there are very few differences between Montenegrin (as its now called) and Serbian that isn't the point that concerns me.

What puzzles me now is this emergence from 'Bosnian' to 'Bosniak'. Not necessarily the insistence of a separate ethnic identity which used to be called Bosnian Muslum or Slav Muslum but now a 'new' language to boot. Evidence of further balkanisation? How long will it be before the Bosnian Serbs press for their own language? How long before the people of Porec claim they are speaking Istrian? What chances are there for Vojvodian or Hercegovian peoples be allowed to claim the right to their own language?

Or have I misread the advert and the idea behind it? Are they saying that only Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslums) need apply? Its hard to keep up with the idiocies of fragmentisation but I'm not the only one who is confused by all this.


Blogger Ivana said...

Hello: I have been searching internet for a language related answers. Your blog caught my attention. I need to get some export labels translated into Serbian for both Serbia and Montenegro, but cannot find out if I am looking for the cyrilic or latin alphabet variant, and if latin - ekavian, or ljekavian? HEEEELP if you can. Thank you.

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